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Existing Website Analysis

Do you currently have a website that’s not performing as well as expected? Let us analyze it and make recommendations to improve your site’s overall performance.

We look at many different areas including:

• Usability – Is your site easy for users to navigate? Is it laid out in such a way that it is easy to scan? Is information easy to find?
• Accessibility – Does your current site include alternative navigational features for site visitors with disabilities?
• Continuity – Does your site use consistent graphical elements throughout? Does it use consistent language? Does the site use a consistent style and font throughout?
• Relevance – Does your website contain information relevant to your customer’s needs? Is the content informative? Is it written in a clear, concise manner? Does the site’s voice resonate with its intended audience?
• Search engine optimization – Does your website take advantage of search engine optimization techniques to attract visitors to it?
• Aesthetics – Is the site visually pleasing? Does it look professional? Does it convey the right image for your company or industry?

Built-in Website Analytics

After developing your website and handing over control to you, you will have access to analytical tools that allow you to examine how your new site is performing. These tools let you see how much traffic is arriving, which keyword phrases your visitors used to find your site, which pages are performing the best, and more. Like all of the built-in modules that come with your custom designed website, these analytical tools are easy to use.