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Are you the hands-on type or do you prefer that someone else take care of the details? When it comes to website maintenance, we offer you both automation and control.

Automatic Website Maintenance

Our website solutions include basic website maintenance to ensure that the tools powering your site are always current and in sound working order. For example, as the developers behind tools like the Linux operating system and MySQL databases update their products, we automatically apply these updates to your site. This ensures that your site benefits from the latest security enhancements and patches and remains spam-free.

In addition, our developers are constantly adding features and user control modules. As we develop new features, we automatically make them available to you and keep them patched with the latest updates.

User Controlled Website Maintenance

If you’re the hands-on type of user, you can also handle many website tasks on your own. Whether you want to update your product list, add fresh content, or install Web applications, all of the tools that you need are readily available in an easy-to-use interface. And, if you get in over your head, our friendly technical support staff is available to lend a hand. In fact, all of our website clients are entitled to one hour’s worth of website update assistance each month as part of our service.